Thank You to all of our dedicated collaborators and cast, and a lovely generous audience,  for a successful Constellation.
Constellation Half-Remembered spanned 2 months, many miles, and many artistic mediums, with a rotating cast of performers and collaborators tackling the complex and fruitful realm of memory.  UMAMI Performance is currently on hiatus, taking a break from making new work to pursue other interests and obligations in our life.  We hope to continue to post images and video of the Constellation, so you might want to check out our website again.  We have loads of footage to go through from Constellation half-Remembered, catch up on installations you may have missed and make connections you might not have picked up on before.
The Constellation has passed, but its not too late to join the conversation.  Share your memories, images, questions or experiences from this summers performance series, we want to hear from you and engage in dialogue.

Constellation Half-Remembered is a performance series developed around the theme of memory.  Memories are malleable, impermanent, and central to the narrative of who we are.  Each performance event in the series is purposefully crafted to be similar and different than those that have come before it. Sections will be re-made, re-ordered, deleted, or paired with different music. A rotating cast of performers will both subtly and obviously alter the energy of each installation, and an ongoing collaborative process with artists in other artistic mediums ensures that the world of each performance will be both familiar and unique.  Think of it like reading multiple drafts of a novel years apart, the bones are the same, but the flesh moves.  Like a memory recalled multiple times and embroidered or edited each time to fit the needs of the present, each performance will be increasingly rich and memory stained for those who witness more than one event of the series.  Come experience your own expectations being met or subverted, come see different performers inhabiting the same underwater worlds, daydream and reminisce with us, add your own words to the stew. This is experimental art, and we need your ongoing participation to lift it into the realm of a shared artistic journey.

“Memory is not a storage place but a story we tell ourselves in retrospect. As such, it is made of storytelling materials: embroidery and forgery, perplexity and urgency, revelation and darkness.” 
― Noam Shpancer



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