about us

UMAMI performance creates movement metaphors grounded in the extraordinariness of the everyday. Commitment to depth of process, the collaborative, intimate nature of their work and the mindful blending of set and improvised performance are defining features of UMAMI performance’s aesthetic as they explore the questions that make them who they are. Brought together by shared interests in improvisation, natural physicality, dynamic partnering, and the subtlety of human relationship, the collaboration continues to grow through a strong interest in the meeting of set and improvised material and the challenge of creating clear and cohesive story-telling within the rawness and immediacy of improvisation.  Dynamic performers each accomplished in their own right, Kinoshita and Swartzman aim to stay true to the depth of their artistic process while crafting subtle, gripping dance work. UMAMI Performance has been presented by Seattle’s On the Boards, Velocity Dance Center, Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble, and Ten Tiny|Seattle, as well as self-producing. Swartzman and Kinoshita share a long history as generative performers, in Seattle’s LINGO dancetheater with KT Neihoff, and in other improvisational performance and co-teaching ventures.  

UMAMI Performance is currently taking a break after our ambitious and successful Constellation Half-Remembered performance series.  Aaron is moving into a classroom teaching position teaching 3rd grade, and Aiko is pursuing other interests in her life.  We continue to be interested in artistic opportunities, the combining of set and improvised movement, and the everyday questions that make us who we are.

Our latest project, Constellation Half-Remembered, has swung through the summer skies and descended once more into darkness.  We had an amazing group of collaborating artists and dancers as well as 5 dynamic and unorthodox locations.  Our collaborators were Amy Denio, Beth Fleenor, Kathryn Padberg, Julia Hensley, and Amiya Brown, our dancers are Shannon Stewart, Elia Mrak, Amelia Reeber, Jeremy Cline, Laura Proudhome, Katie Arrants, Johanna Hulick, and Scott Davis.  

a review from TRACE  http://seattledances.blogspot.com/2013/07/trace-leaves-its-mark.html

a review from NEST.  http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/melody-datz/Author?oid=14030201
a review from PATINA  

Come see what the buzz is about, this Constellation only passes across the summer sky once.


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