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Nothing but memory remains, the Constellation has passed. UMAMI Performance is taking a break, exploring next steps, and processing what has gone before.  We would love to hear from you, thoughts, stories, or questions, anything that remains from the particular work UMAMI has made over the years.  We may not be making new work, but we are still interested in harvesting all the work we have made over the years.  Don’t be a stranger, let us know if anything we have made has touched you in any way, it might just motivate us to get back into the studio.

here are the dates and locations of the events which have already taken place in the constellation

May 24/25 – Project:Space Available work in process showing (Capital Hill, Seattle)

June 19-21 – SEA/PORT,19th Sidf Seattle, 20/21 Conduit Portland

Sun, June 30 – NEST, a salon performance Private residence (West Seattle) 3pm

see the review here

July 5-7 – PATINA Open Flight Studio (4205 University Way, Seattle)

July 20 – HARBOR Jack Block Park (2130 Harbor Ave SW) 3pm

July 26/7 – TRACE Parallel Public Works (424 Southwest 153rd Street, Burien) 8pm


Constellation Half Remembered builds on UMAMI Performance’s work exploring how accumulated memories create the many-layered complexity of who we are.  Sustained research began in early 2011, and included research playdates, where we invited some of our favorite performers to come play with us in the studio.  In March, 2012 we performed the results of our initial research, SILT, as part of Seattle Jazz Composer Ensemble’s Confluence/Influence.  In July 2012, we entered the next phase of our work with a week long residency at the Firehouse Studio in Bellingham. The next 6 months were spent bringing allies and collaborators on board, selecting sites, implementing non-traditional public relations strategies, and raising funds, as well as creating and rehearsing the work. In November 2012 we produced PRECURSOR, an intimate event which allowed us to experiment with some of the ideas we are interested in for the larger constellation, raise funds, build energy and generally let folks get a taste for the type of world we are creating in Constellation Half-Remembered.

In May 2013, our residency at Project Space Available began.  We created a cavelike memoryscape and engaged in sustained performative research with our dancers and collaborators, it was glorious, if too short.  Now multiple site based events in both traditional and non-traditional venues are  taking place throughout Seattle.  Each installation will feature a rotating cast of participants, with Aaron and Aiko serving as the duet heart of the work. This diversity of performers and venues provides a delightful artistic challenge, allowing us to switch roles, mediums, angles, costumes and other elements to create multiple tellings of the same “narrative”. Each stand alone event will be distinct yet part of a larger whole, motifs will be repeated in different mediums, movements executed by different bodies, roles reversed, angles skewed, colors faded, and a host of techniques employed to shine light on how memories are malleable, impermanent, and central to the narrative of who we are.

The serial nature of these performances is a bit confusing.  Each performance event in the series is purposefully crafted to be similar and different than those that have come before it. Sections will be re-made, re-ordered, deleted, or paired with different music. A rotating cast of performers will both subtly and obviously alter the energy of each installation, and an ongoing collaborative process with artists in other artistic mediums ensures that the world of each performance will be both familiar and unique  Think of it like reading multiple drafts of a novel years apart, the bones are the same, but the flesh moves.  Like a memory recalled multiple times and embroidered or edited each time to fit the needs of the present, each performance will be increasingly rich and memory stained for those who participate in more than one event of the series.  Come experience your own expectations being met or subverted, come see different performers inhabiting the same underwater worlds, daydream and reminisce with us, add your own words to the stew. This is experimental art, and we need your ongoing participation to lift it into the realm of a shared artistic journey.  

Collaborating Artists include:

Amy Denio – Composer and Musician

Beth Fleenor – Composer and Musician

Amiya Brown – Lighting Design

Kathryn Padberg – Video

Julia Hensley – Visual Art

We have dancers!

Our fabulous fellow dancers are:

Scott Davis

Johanna Hulick

Katie Arrants

Shannon Stewart

Laura Proudhome

Jeremy Cline

Belle Wolf



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    • brown paper tickets is not working for you?
      we will try to fix the problem, we’ll also put your name down for that night just in case technology fails.
      You mean friday the 5th at Open Flight right?



  3. What age is your Burien performance appropriate for? I have a dance studio next to your venue and would like to take a group of 12yrs olds if it is appropriate.

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