Thanks to our SUPPORTERS

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the folks who are helping us make ART! With your help we met our USA Projects goal and will be able to pay our collaborators some small measure of their worth!

Robert Stumberger
Karen Nelson
Amy Denio
Kelly Sullivan
Juliet Waller and Alan Pruzan
Adam Sekular
Corri Befort
Alia Swersky
Ryan Corriston
KT Niehoff
Isabelle Bouanna
Rebecca Nettl-Fiol
Mathew Shyka
Anne Green Gilbert
Patricia Knowles
Mark Lewin
Jürg Faber
Neige Christenson
Terrel Lefferts
Jan Trumbauer
Lewis Chang
Shannon Stewart
Rebecca Sullivan
Christian Swenson and Abigail Halperin
Kristin Hapke
Desiree Hunter
Kelsey Hamon
Anne Maertens
David Sienkiewicz
Karin and Michael Stevens
Chris Yee and Karina Quon
Gorden and Peggy Swartzman
Scott Davis
Tim Summers
Jonas Radvic
Judd Miller
Rachel Grant
Julie Freyburg
Sheri Cohen
Ken Treiger
Amy Dasilva
Ethan Hickman
Michael Rioux
Margaret Mahoney
Judy Miller
Jun Akiyama
Roel Hammerschlag
Cheronne Wong
Jill Cooper
Shelley Brittingham
Abby Enson
Johanna Hulick
Rebecca Sullivan
Paige Barnes
Matt and Alona Christman and the Bellingham Firehouse Arts Center
Jack and Frieda Taub

The USA Projects campaign is done, but you can still get on this list and help Constellation Half-Remembered fulfill its potential by sending a check made out to Aiko Kinoshita to: 1032 Washington Pl E, Seattle WA 98112


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